Favorite Photos: Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft is an old port town on the Kettegat Sea, northern Jutland peninsula of Denmark. As one can see on this map, the green portions, a large fraction of the general area is dedicated to national parks.

Much of our visit was dedicated to hiking along coastlines. But there were also some quite interesting museums – notably the Ebeltoft Glass Museum and Fregatten Jylland – one of the world’s largest wooden warship, in excellent condition. Both museums were quite interesting to visit. We particularly enjoyed the glass museum.

The Ebeltoft section of our journey includes a trip to Jelling. The area and museum and church are remarkable as to quality and historical significance. More information can be gleaned from the Unesco World Heritage List posting.

Jelling is one of my favorite Denmark experiences, likely due to my Danish heritage. I have visited twice now, and will visit again in the future.

The photos below contain some of our Ebeltoft and Jelling images. All of the culled photos for this part of our trip can be found in this link.

[SME_gallery ids=’ZCrB4Dd,wBT5DS9,BVCVLqS,wgqkFwS,XzrMntX,WPmRCRx,m5PLkbk,4JQ2wCV,nHdF3tt,cq6JXWL,znqFfGt,XGf73x3,vTqZRx7,M2X9J78,5gLjnfV,fgxX365,pJ5dScn,Fz3qsvn,VTFMWz3,HMRhjjd,TxrRmHP,fNjFQWN,qhP3KD6,3V67cKB,td42vFv,rQ5xfDr,s39ZG5N,FFDTxLw,t4tdP9v,Hw9B4Xj,BVppgcc,3cGwsH7,Ph9hKPW,xQCV2T2,XNCLzhF,74kfzB2,4qD9sH8,pm8NwS5,PFQmCGm,2r2ksdJ’ size=’MediumURL’ columns=’3′ caption=” link=’Large’ new=’Yes’]


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