Favorite Photos: Lavik

Lavik is a very small village in Norway; a way-stop for us. The plan was for us to cross Sognefjorden via ferry, which terminated in Lavik.

Our stay was in a cabin that is typically used by hikers who journey up into the local mountains. With the help of our host, we did exactly that and thoroughly enjoyed the exercise as well as the views which you will see in the photos below.

These are samples the full set which you can also view at this link.

Selected photos from Lavik:

[SME_gallery ids=’SXX2Znp,5Fxttrr,Hxnpsqd,kN3WwZt,8NcG9cn,cVqzqCp,3djdrTM,BMHncC6,7P2KPr4,MQfkSPV,MM38ks8,X6Lntp4,Bf6229t,zbfwN3w,qchBnhW,HsDTdRn,7ZCWXgj,nJj2N89,rH4zVHr,Rs33pqb,5vPcmcS,LRtdPSK,VGPr86G,GXkfcSV’ size=’MediumURL’ columns=’3′ caption=” link=’Large’ new=’Yes’]


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    • Yes, it was! The stay was originally a travel mid-point (Bergen to Floro), just after passage through that Sound via ferry, and it ended up having a wonderful hiking and nature adventure. Thanks!


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