What is Now Playing ???

Hmmm, seems that we never added any ‘now playing’ content!  Heal thyself!  🙂

Now Playing will be a short description of where we are ‘now.’  The idea for reporting on our trip was to NOT lay out the full plan in advance.  We’ll just say that our plan is indeed developed, but each step will be announced as it happens.

The first Now Playing was Copenhagen.  Several of our posts have outlined those activities and photos.

The now-Now Playing is a very nice Danish Summerhouse in Kulhuse, very close to this location: Kulhuse Havn Ferry, Close to Summerhouse.

Expand the Google Map page to see what opportunities for exploration exist in the Kulhuse vicinity.  We are immediately on the Roskilde Fjord and loving every minute.

Details to follow.  Enjoy, as we have/are!