Favorite Photos: Bergen

Not to deny whatsoever that Bergen was warned to us as being very ‘wet.’ Wet to the tune of approximately 300 days per year. Yes it was that type of wet which included a day or two of downpour approaching the heaviest recalled in our lives. Rain though is not a reason to steer away from this historical port town that began trading in the 11th century.

Bergen is also a decidedly fascinating destination: fish caught fresh and brought to market every morning, gorgeous views of old houses climbing up forested hills, and captivating history of the Hanseatic League. We visited all of these fascinations and captured lovely images along the way.

We arrived in Bergen via ferry, from Denmark. A few images in this set include that experience as well. The evening ferry from Denmark to Bergen arrives in Norway early morning. The traveler is able to view countless fjords during onboard breakfast.


Follow this link to Bergen photos, which contains all Bergen photos.

The town is worth a visit! Enjoy this snippet representing some of our experiences.

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