The Best of Today — Floro, Norway

September 7, 2016

The scary-good thing today was a hair-cutting event.  Martin was quite traumatized at the prospect of turning over his head and hair over to an outlander in a foreign land.   He had been going to the same predictable barber, John, for the last twenty years.  However, now, even he conceded, he was looking a bit shaggy.

Strolling through downtown Floro, it was beginning to look bleak.  It was 4:00 in the afternoon, and most stores were closed for the day.  We needed cash.  The bank, in a converted warehouse down by the wharf, had closed at 3:30.  We finally sought assistance from a grocery clerk, who directed us to a gigantic, rusty anchor, behind which was hidden an ATM.

We took the money and ran,  past several  “frissors”.  They did not embolden him, even though he had a qualified therapist by his side.  His therapist achieved complete rapport for his terror, upon sighting the advertisement you see above.

img_2339Finally, we ended up at one of the more conservative salons.  Martin sat in the chair before Anna, a sweet-voiced German girl with broken English, pink hair, nose piercings, and tattoos all up and down her arms.  He took a deep breath, and tried to explain “business cut”.

She commenced.  It turned out to be the best haircut I’ve ever seen on Martin.  He could get a job in Norway pronto with a style like that.  At the thought of “job”, we decided to get out of town fast.


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