Favorite Photos: Bergen

There are many fun and beautiful things to do in Norway. Our stay was short, but we had great visits to four wonderful towns/areas. Bergen was the first.

The full collection can be found at this link: Bergen.

Leaving Denmark to our first Norway destination, Bergen, involved a quiet ferry ride trough the night. First morning light allowed a wondrous display of beautiful Norwegian fjords which went as far as the eye could see. Beauty was not diminished from clouds and morning rain. Rather, the rain and mist added to endless passages which disappear into darkness and haze.

Now a few Bergen sights!

[SME_gallery ids=’qdWJRDX,9hbrhGS,TgcSJKG,r5W2D4k,C8q4sf2,5qPpPJr,6NGTtVV,mMXjsMP,G3mGr6p,GhfsGsb,cV7n2CG,QMTNxbD,9SbzTCH,mb5LJFL,KbT9P9f,v3SMwFd,Lb4pP2Z,s7t4X7Q,Z9gFcMw,4cF7fN5,XzqPqGW,sMs88LF,kR2wT8p,nDFS4Nt,NQ8DdJS’ size=’MediumURL’ columns=’3′ caption=” link=’Large’ new=’Yes’]


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