The Best of the Day — Amsterdam

September 11, 2016

img_5705The amazing thing about today is that we woke up in Oslo Norway and now we’re here in Amsterdam!

img_5748It is a city of bicycles and bridges, open markets and art museums.  Bustling with life and diversity.  182 different nationalities here.  1,500 bridges.  A city plan laid out by farsighted city fathers 400 years ago.  The weather is balmy, and it seems everyone is out sipping coffees, drinking wine, lifting beers, walking, talking, cycling throughout the city.


img_5749 img_5750img_5732


2 thoughts on “The Best of the Day — Amsterdam”

  1. Beautiful city. I just want to climb into your pictures, jump on a bike and tour through Amsterdam over the bridges stopping at one of the many cafes for some coffee and enjoy the sights.

    I am loving your blogs Martin and Pat. Thank you for sharing your travels each day.


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