Trysha And Emma

Hello My Name Is Trysha And I Will Serve Your Epic Amazing Awesome Meal Today. August 2, 2016 Dinner.

I always fear that my restaurant experience will likely be disappointing when the server begins his or her relationship with us in that manner.

Unfortunately, we have learned that epic events are kitten videos on YouTube.  Amazing events are those where we are polite to someone, while expecting something in reutrn.  Awesome is nothing to do with something extremely impressive or daunting.  With our new definitions for epic awesome amazing, I’m not thinking that something special will come to my table on occasion of the nice server-person making those promises.

Lucky for us, the table was not one in USA and Trysha was really Emma, born and raised north of Copenhagen.  We had a wonderful first dinner for in Copenhagen.

Emma’s first question for us after a genuinely warm greeting, was ‘did you just arrive?’  It was a sincere query which followed with many other questions and answers among all of us.  Even the ‘business’ questions about menu items, wines, special requests and all else were communicated ‘to us.’  I’m saying that Emma listened to what we said, formed a unique human response based on her understanding, spent time to make sure that we understood what was said and the nuance of what that meant, and … made us feel at home.

How did we ever get to this disconnected place where the corporate recording has replaced thoughts and feelings and verbalization among those of us lucky enough to spend time here on earth?  It’s a question we should all come to understand.

Not that understanding is enough in and of itself, but understanding provides an excellent foundation on which action and changes can be made.  We are all ‘Emmas’ at heart.  We all need and want the personal and genuine connection.

Why not try?

Emma’s final suggestion for us was to visit the Arken Museum of Modern Art.  Why?  Because Emma tells us that the art is unique and the setting is lovely and based on our time together she thinks it fits in well with our interests.

Emma’s name is changed to protect the innocent.  But she and others like her can be found at Restaurant Zeleste,  Store Strandstræde 6, 1255 København K, Denmark


3 thoughts on “Trysha And Emma”

  1. “We all need and want the personal and genuine connection.” That is a quotable quote. Nice incident about Emma. I am all for it and always striving to create a connection with all whom I meet, at restaurant, grocery store, uber, taxi, bank tellers, fellow travelers, at work etc. And the test is if I get a recognition that they have met me before.

    Thanks for sharing pictures, adventures and thoughts as you travel.

    • Dinesh, great to hear from you and I’m glad that you enjoy the posts. We are having fun with them as well! Best, Martin


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